[SEO Glossary] Link Building & Backlink terms

Building links is vital when it comes to ranking in Google, however, it can often be a complicated affair. I have broken down a few key terms that you might hear along the way.


A domain is simply your address a user can access your website from.


Backlinks are links from one page to another. If a website links to your webpage this will be known as a backlink.

Domain Authority

Domain authority was a term development by MOZ and identifies how well your site will rank in Google.

Citation Flow

Citation flow is a score between 1-100 that refers to the number of links that a site has. From this Google will identify how influential your site is.

Trust flow

Trust flow, again a score between 1-100 analyses the trustworthiness of your site by looking at the link profile of the site that links to your site.

Link density

Link density is the amount of links you have.

Referring domains

Like a backlink, a referring domain refers to a domain that links to another domain. How it differs from backlinks is, one domain can link to another, however, you can have multiple links on the same domain which will be counted as backlinks.

Referring IPs

A website address has a numerical label assigned to it. With this information you will be able to track which country the domain is registered.

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